Pobeda Brands & Co.

Brands, geographical site names, cultural events known as « Pobeda » are huge i.e. cars, watches, aircrafts, revolver, ballistic devices, mountain, books, movie films, etc :

The Pobeda (Victory)

The Pobeda (Victory).

The Pobeda (Victory), convertible car.

The Pobeda (Victory), convertible car.

Pobeda Peak

Pobeda Peak (world 4th mountain peak 7439m/24406

Watch Pobeda

The forever watch Pobeda, manufactured since 1946.

The 1st Moscow Watch Factory (now Poljot) started producing K-26 (« Pobeda ») in 1946. The « Pobeda » movement is based on the well known for us « Lip » R26. For more information about « Lip » you can read an article of Nick Downes. It’s a VERY reliable movement. Many of them work for 40-50 years!

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When airship overflow the earth...

Vsevolod Poudovkine together with Eisenstein was a famous Soviet film-maker. He produced his film « Pobeda » in the the 1938 year.